Saturday Saturday Saturday!!! Don’t be caught at home on Facebook like a little punk tonight!

I have prepared for you a list of reasons to not be sitting at home like a loner tonight. Call a few friends and go enjoy some live music and frothy beverages! “I’m desperately trying to figure out why kamikaze pilots wore helmets.” -unknown

Tonight at Ernie Biggs David, David, and Dave are playing pianos along with their brother Darrel and their other brother Darrel. lol. They have an All Day price of 3.75 for House Margaritas along with Long Island Iced Teas. Also Coors Light and Miller Lite Longnecks are only 2.75

At Waxy O’Shea’s at the Branson Landing they have all day prices for 4.00 Newcastle Pints, 4.00 Irish Margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas, 4.00 Electric Leprachauns. “Happy Hour Hooley” is from 3-6PM and includes: 2.00 Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Light Pints, 2.00 Well Drinks, and 1/2 Price Select Appetizers. “Blue Fiddle” is playing at around 9PM. They are a great Irish, Folk, Bluegrass, and Jazz band. Go check them out.

Branson’s Time Out Sports Bar has got some great 80′s and 90′s music tonight with “3rd n a Mile”. These guys rock so go check them out. They will have all the College games on their 11 Flat Screens today, plus they always have great prices on Buckets, Pitchers, Shots, and Wings!

Pulled this from Outback Pub’s Facebook page “Today is the day! We are smoking a whole hog. Come out and be a part of our first ever Pig Roast. Should be done around 5 or 6. Draft beer specials all night. Its not a huge one so don’t miss out. NCAA Basketball from open to close.” and “We are offering a BBQ Carryout Special through the Super Bowl. Enough Brisket or Pork to make 8 huge sandwiches with fresh baked buns and our own BBQ Sauce for only 30 bucks. Don’t show up to that party without anything. Let us know and we will have it ready for you to pickup. 334-7003″

Old Chicago at the Branson Landing has Happy Hour from 4-6PM and it includes: 2.50 Domestic drafts, 3.00 Select Import drafts, and 1/2 Price a truck load of great appetizers!

The Rowdy Beaver will be having “Dysfunctional 4″ playing from 6-8PM as well as live music later on around 9PM. They also have Happy Hour from 3-7PM that features: 2.25 Domestic drafts and 2.00 Domestic bottles.

Sharkey’s always has 1.00 Bud Light drafts, 1.50 Landshark Lager drafts, and 2.00 Wells. Make sure and try one of Sharkey’s famous French Dips while out n about as well. They will have Karaoke tonight around 9PM!

Be sure to get to Tsunamis tonight for one of the best dance parties in town with Tara and Megan behind the bar $8 cruzan rum buckets $10 capt and coke pitcher DJ Adam Bomb in the mix.

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