B-Town Indie Groove Music Festival!!! Awesome Local Branson Musician Showcase

We have been Given a Gift from Above. It is the “B-Town Indie Groove” Music Festival at Lodge of the Ozarks’ “The Club” on Friday February 25th and Saturday February 26th. This is going to be an all out Riot on your Senses!!! Don’t miss this for your life. Tell your Friends, your Neighbors, your Grandparents, and your Little Sister! This is just the kinda of thing all you guys and gals have been talking about. “There’s never anything cool going on” you say. Well now you have no excuse to continue your whining!

Featuring Performances by Jake Simpson, Heather Petersen, and Harvey Stone just to rattle of a few. Doors Open at 8PM for Jake Simpson’s Performance at 9PM on Friday then From Noon until Close all Saturday is a Rock N Roll Free For All!

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