Vie Belle Photography

Vie Belle Photography is an amazing up and coming photog from Branson. Make sure to check out her site and give her a call @ 417-331-0174 (

Here is a little something in her own words:

True Art in all its forms are a reflection of one’s unique soul. A release of the truth, beauty, courage, and honesty that lies within the integrity of a person. We lose sight of this when we see it as a hobby or a career, when we sell for the people and not for our passion. This artistic passion is more of a personality trait and as such should be held onto as we hold tight to who we are in the midst of those who would take it away. We are to create as we were created. Unapologetically and purposely. Out of love we give back to the world whats inside, the good and the bad, what connects us and at the same time gives us our individuality. The people who live their life on the surface will never understand art, they will only give you facts and history, only to miss its point altogether. Art is never afraid of the soul’s truths. Its beautiful, even when its dark and because its out of the ordinary. It has the courage to be only what it is and the honesty to reveil the insecurities of who we really are. At the end of the day, its another way we can either be proud of what we see in the mirror or to turn away in disgust.

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