Next time you are at your favorite night spot I encourage you to try one of these great drinks. So I have started BransonOnTheRocks.com Drink of the Day!!! Impress your friend or date and show off your knowledge of not so typical cocktails. Surprise them!

Between The Sheets

8-10 crushed ice cubes

4 Parts Brandy
3 Parts White Rum
1 Part White Curacao
1 part Lemon Juice

Shake Vigorously in Martini Shaker and Pour into Chilled Glass
or over a few ice cubes, ENJOY!

Moscow Mule

2 Handfuls of Ice Cubes
2 Oz Vodka
1 Oz Lime Juice
Ginger Ale
Lime Wedge

Put one Handful of Ice Cubes into Martini Shaker
Pour Vodka and Lime juice in and shake vigorously
Pour over second handful of Ice Cubes in Highball Glass
Top with a splash of Ginger Ale and garnish with Lime Wedge
This is a very refreshing and zesty cocktail!

Branson On The Rocks Bloody Mary

One Handful of Ice Cubes
2 Ounces of Skyy Vodka
2 Ounces Spicy Hot v-8
Dash of finely ground black pepper
few splashes of Tobasco
Pour Vodka and Spicy Hot v-8 over Ice Cubes
Then Stir
Add Tobasco and Black Pepper to the top so they make your lips tingle everytime you take a drink!

Whiskey Sour


Photo Credit: Esquire Magazine, Esquire.com

Handful of Crushed Ice Cubes
2 ounces of Bourbon
1 ounce lemon juice
1 teaspoon of simple syrup

Pour ingredients over crushed ice and stir well
Then strain into cold martini glass
Garnish with cherry and orange zest

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