Friday Night Happenins in Branson Mo w/ Drink Specials!

Payday, time to go out and enjoy the freedom of having an extra few clams in your pocket.  Get out and listen to live music, go dance it up, or just sit down at the bar and enjoy a proper pint.  “Why should mother go without her nourishing glass of Ale or Stout on washing day?” –1920s anti-temperance slogan

At Waxy’s O’Shea’s tonight you have “Stolen Windows”  They are a great local band who plays Rock, Blugrass, Funk, and Acoustic.  The Friday after 6PM special is as follows:  3.00 Corona, Dos Equis Lager and Amber, 4.00 Jager Shots, 4.50 Jager Bombs, and 4.00 Grateful Deads.  They have their “Happy Hour Hooley” from 3-6PM and it features:  2.00 Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Light Pints, 2.00 Well Drinks, and  1/2 Price Select Appetizers.  “Stolen Windows” will start around 9PM.

Branson’s Time Out Sports Bar has their famous 5.99 Lunch Special from 11AM-4PM.  They have “Tic Toc Karaoke” tonight hosted by DJ Tic.  Karaoke will start around 9PM.  Time Out has a Happy Hour from 2-7PM and it includes:  2.00 drafts, 2.00 wells, and 3.50 Calls.  Get to Time Out tonight and enjoy some great beer and delicious food.  As soon as the girls get in they will start with the great pitcher, bucket, and shot specials.

Tonight at The Outback Pub in Branson you have “The Double Barrel Band”. They are always a lot of fun and they play Classic Rock, Country, and Blues. Also Outback Pub has Happy Hour from 3-7PM and it features: 2.00 Domestic drafts, 2.00 wells, Half Price Poppers and Wings, 5.00 Chili Cheese Nachos, and 5.00 BBQ Brisket Sandwiches.

Ernie Biggs at the Branson Landing has James, David B, and David R tickling the Ivories for everyone sonar enjoyment tonight. They have an All Day Special of 3.75 House Margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas. They have a Friday Special of 2.75 Miller Lite and Coors Light Longnecks. Ernie Biggs’ Happy Hour is from 6-7PM and features 2.00 Miller High Life drafts and 3.00 Wells.

Tsunamis in Branson has DJ Adam Bomb Spinning the Wheels of Steel tonight. They have a Friday Special of 2.00 Coors Light, 5.00 Jager Bombs, 8.00 Domestic pitchers, 10.00 Cap’n'Coke pitchers, and 8.00 Cruzan Rum Buckets.

Sharkey’s has Club Night tonight at 9:30PM plus they have All Day Every Day 1.00 Bud Light drafts, 1.50 Landshark Lager drafts, and 2.00 Wells. Don’t forget, “Lindsay With Issues” is playing there tomorrow night at around 9-9:30PM. It will be a great show, you wont want to miss.

The Rowdy Beaver has Happy Hour with 2.00 Domestic bottles and 2.25 Domestic drafts.

Beverly’s has Happy Hour from 3-6PM and it gets you .25 cents off beers and .50 cents off of liquor. They also have “Stiff Drink” playing tonight. They play tons of awesome 90′s covers unplugged. Go check them out, they will be there from 8:30PM to 12:30AM.

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