Here Are a Couple Extra Special Little Gems for you music lovers!

I’m sure most of the Branson Local Band fans remember The Underground Blues Division. Well Nathan ended up getting an opportunity to do some touring with a larger nationally known act and hit the road. You say “bummer” and I say SWEET! Jeremy Miller (former UBD drummer) and Brad Williams (former UBD Bassist) got together with Dennis Groves and Steve Schumacher to form “THE REVIVAL”. This allowed for a lot more musical freedom from the Talented, Creative, and Deranged minds of Brad and Jeremy. When I say “You’ve got to see these guys”, I mean it whole-hearted. In my honest opinion, Jeremy has just a little more edge on Nathan’s guitar to begin with. You are going to miss out on a lot of the flash and teeth guitar playing, but the musical quality is 100% true grain. Brad Williams just keeps better and better at slapping his 95 pound Warwick around. I wish I could put a “Billy Mays Hayes” 100 percent money back guarantee on it, but I have been paying for gas with couch quarters. So Next time you see them on one of my post or across a Facebook feed, be sure to not miss it.
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Now for the Second little Gem that will be performing in Branson, “Bring Your Green Hat”. These guys will be playing at Waxy O’Shea’s on Saturday January 29th at around 9-9:30PM. 2.00 Cover most likely. If you miss “Bring Your Green Hat” I suggest that you put your Captain’s hat on and cruise your FAILBOAT down Niagra Falls. This band consist of some of the finest musicians around. They are from Springfield and play Monday Nights at “The Roost”. So if you don’t venture out of the 65616 too often, you can catch them Saturday Night in Branson. Just a small sampling of what you will here: Sublime, 311, Incubus, Eagle Eye Cherry, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, etc… Now this may be hard for a few of you “Cover Lovers”, but I personally think their Originals are better. Not saying they don’t fully rock out their covers, but BYGH’s originals are amazing! Check them out for yourself.
Band Page
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  1. Mark Barger says:

    Thanks for the compliments! We appreciate the love, for real. We can’t wait to back to Waxy O’Shea’s this weekend. I love the atmosphere of that place and the staff is the greatest. Hope to see you all there! Check us out on http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/song_details/3887003#!/bygh


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