It’s Saturday Night in Branson. In the words of the great Cyrus “CAN YOU DIG IT”

Here is a list of the best events in Branson on Saturday Night January 29th. There is no excuse to be sitting around on the couch or on Facebook. Get out and paint the town! There are some awesome drinks specials and amazing bands playing tonight.

Tonight at Waxy O’Shea’s in Branson they are featuring “BRING YOUR GREEN HAT”. This band is from Springfield and are probably one of the best bands I have heard play this town. They sound like 311, Sublime, Incubus, Jack Johnson, Eagle Eye Cherry all thrown in a Blender! There is only a 2.00 cover. You will not be disappointed! Also Waxy’s Features there “Happy Hour Hooley” from 3-6PM that includes: 2.00 Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Light Pints, 2.00 Well Drinks, and 1/2 Price Select Appetizers. There Saturday Special is an ALL DAY special that includes: 4.00 Newcastle Pints, 4.00 Irish Margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas, and 4.00 Electric Leprachauns. This is going to be a night at Waxy O’Shea’s you do not want to be
left out.

Tonight at Sharkey’s in Branson you have “Lindsay with Issues” playing. They are also a super fun band to get up and dance to. The band is comprised of some extremely talented musicians led by Lindsay who is a great singer. There will be a 5.00 cover at the door. Sharkey’s has an ALL DAY EVERYDAY price of 1.00 Bud Light drafts, 1.50 Landshark Lager drafts, and 2.00 Wells.

Tonight at Clear at the Branson/Hilton Convention Center they will be having a huge dance party. It’s “The Rock Room and MakeOut Present, SUPLEX”. The show is hosted by Pedro Amorim and Kolmega Kolafornia. The DJ’s will be Johan and Francis, two well known DJ’s from several Springfield Night Clubs, MakeOut and Black Box Revue. There will be a 3.00 cover at the door and Artwork is provided by featured local artist, Kole Kalbfleisch.

Branson’s Time Out Sports Bar will be having a great 90′s cover band tonight, “3rd n a Mile”. These guys are always a blast, if you haven’t heard them go check it out. There is no cover and when the girls get behind the bar tonight they will be throwing down all kinds of drink and shot specials.

Beverly’s up on Mount Branson has “80′s Rewind” playing a truck load of all your favorite 80′s dance grooves. Go poof your hair, tight roll your jeans, toss in some Bubbleyum, and get there. Beverly’s has Happy Hour from 3-6PM that gets you a quarter off beer and 50 cents off liquor.

Ernie Biggs has James, David B, and Jackie playing the dueling pianos tonight. They also have a Saturday Special that includes 2.00 Miller Lite and Coors Light longnecks. Their ALL DAY EVERYDAY special is 3.75 House Margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas.

Tsunamis in Branson has DJ ADAM BOMB spinning the dance party favorites all night! There Saturday Drink Specials include: 2.00 Coors Lights, 5.00 Jager Bombs, 8.00 Domestic pitchers, 10.00 Captain n Coke pitchers, and 8.00 Cruzan Rum Buckets!

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