Big Smith

Big Smith is one of the finest Bluegrass bands to play in the Ozarks region. They play the kind of music that your grandparents danced around a campfire while cooking off a batch of shine. Big Smith was originally comprised of a group of cousins. After only gigging together acoustically at festivals and small venues, they eventually took their career to the professional level. They have played large events in big cities far away from the Ozark Mountains, but they have always stayed true to their core group of fans. All of us Hillbillies. You can find them playing at the Branson Landing or at the Forsyth fairgrounds. After the first chord is struck you cannot help but tap your toes and stomp your feet. They will have you dancing a jig in your high heels or fancy loafers. If you see them coming to town, make sure to get out and see them.

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  1. Cody (blackfoot) Pender says:

    Thanks for the big smith video break here at work… Nice website. Keep on Keepin on..

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