Good Literature

Good Literature is one of Branson’s younger bands.  What they lack in age, they more than make up for in talent.  Good Literature has extremely well written Original tunes as well as the ability to dominate popular covers.  Here is their description in their words:

They never had much, but they always had their words. Words in which they want people to hear in order to make a difference. These words are musical literature, “Good Literature”. From day one, the fame and glamour will never mean anything, as long as their lyrics and melodies are touching peoples minds, hearts, and imaginations. Four midwestern guys with old guitars, fresh minds, and a new vision for music. Tyrell Ransom, Robert Kuhs, Jordan Stewart, and Russell West bring rock music to a new spectrum with no specific genre as they combine traits of many forms. “We have faith and trust that the people will give us a chance, and if they do, we can only hope that they get something out of it. We have faith and trust in strangers…that’s all we can have until they become fans, then they are part of us.” The band formed in the living room of a small apartment in Branson, Missouri which began as a jam session between Tyrell and Robert. Then became a writing session. Then became Good Literature. From then on, the two dedicated themselves to what easily became their dream and passion, which is music. The move to Nashville, Tennessee taught them many things about not only music, but life in general. They both had very different writing and playing styles, but they never let that get in their way. In fact, they used it to their benefit. Russell and Jordan only contributed to that once the decision to add to the acoustic duo was made, with Russell on the bass guitar and Jordan on the drums. With influences from Jason Mraz to Dave Grohl, John Mayer to Chris Cornell, Coldplay to Alice In Chains, and so on. All four have a true understanding to who they are and what they want to be as Good Literature. “We know we are different and that is what we like best about playing together. We clash at times, but at the end of the day, that is what helps us to write songs to the best of our ability.” So it is safe to say that the fire will never burn out in the hearts of Good Literature. May their music and lyrics never burn out in your hearts. Although, that shouldn’t be a problem yet, seeing as their journey has just begun…

Band Members:

Tyrell Ransom-Guitar/Vox/Piano/Bass
Robert Kuhs-Vox/Acoustic
Russell West-Bass/Guitar
Jordan Stewart- Percussion

Check them out:

Original Song: Awesome!


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  1. jeanine west says:

    you guys are the greatest. I love you and only wish you the best that life has to offer. I can not wait until the day you will be rich and famous beacuse you are good enough and people love your music. Keep playing and writting songs.

  2. Chris says:

    Interested in playing in eureka springs?

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