Lindsay with Issues

“Lindsay with Issues” is one of the more high energy bands in town. They were formed in Summer of 2010 and the members include: Lindsay Eskew (Vocals), Stosh Kostuch (Lead Guit), David Cassavitis (Keys), Mike Jackson (Skins), and Dave Short (Bass). “Lindsay with Issues” will Rock your World. They play all of your favorite Rock Classics from 1970-2011. Next time you see them on a marquee at Sharkey’s, Beverly’s, or any other venue in town be sure to check them out. Lindsay Eskew is definitely a high energy performer!


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  1. Sara Shipley says:

    What happened to the guy singer that used to sing with her band? He was ALOT better than she is by herself ..

  2. admin says:

    You know. I’m not really sure who the old lead singer was, as I have only seen them perform once. He must have been really good for you to say he was “ALOT” better. I was super impressed with how they sounded at Beverly’s last weekend. Band was super tight and Lindsay’s voice is very solid.

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