Skillett Lickers Songwriter Review

Skillett-Lickers-Songwriter-Review-Branson-BandSkillett-Lickers-Songwriter-Review-Branson-MoLocal-Branson-Band-Skillett-LickersThe Skillett Licker Songwriter Review
Is a original Showcase Band. They have been together since 1994 and have spent most of those years right here in Branson.  They are comprised of four members:  Zach Simpson-Founder Singer Songwriter and Lead guitar, Cecilia Evans-Founder Singer Songwriter and Rhythm Gutiar, Todd Plympton-Back up vocals and Bass player  (Todd has been a Band member going on 4 years), and James McCall- Back up vocals, Percussion and Drums ( James has been a Band Member for almost 5 years). Although, the Skillett Lickers are an Original band they do a wide Range of commercial Music as well.  They play country, old rock and roll, Blues , Folk , Blue grass, and Gospel.  Their first Cd with sunrise records is due for release  in July 2011 GONE FISHIN!

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  1. Gayle de la Kruse says:

    I saw Jach and Dee perform this past weekend in Eureka Springs Arkansas….
    They are truly awesome…
    Both of them are high powered musicians and singers and sing strong and tight harmony’s….
    They write some great songs , and also please the crowd with familiar favorites as well….
    They are just as smooth as honey butter !
    Gayle de la Kruse

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