Stolen Windows

Stolen Window’s is one of Branson’s most eclectic Jam Bands.  They cover everything from The Greatful Dead to Pearl Jam to Marshall Tucker.  Stolen Window’s hosts Waxy O’Shea’s Open Mic Night every Wednesday night at the Branson Landing.  If you want to listen to a band that will definitely play something you wanna hear, this is the band.  The band consist of Bradon Wendell (Lead Guit and Vocals), Matthew Stoll (Rhythm Guit and Vocals), Todd Plympton (Bass), Sam Clanton (Mandolin, Vocals), James Mc Call (Drums), and as they put it their 800lb Gorilla Full-time Guitar player: Drew Webber.  This is a group of extremely talented and crowd pleasing musicians.  Give them a listen next time you are out!!/pages/Stolen-Windows/135941093109827

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