Rowdy Beaver

Rowdy Beaver is another local restaurant who’s alter ego is great bar.  They have huge sandwiches and great steaks.  On tap you can choose from 12 different domestic and imported beers.  Rowdy Beaver showcases several local bands and has a great dance floor.  This is a great  night spot to have nice dinner followed by several rounds of drinks!  The Rowdy Beaver is located toward the center of the Branson Strip just up the street from Dixie Stampede in Branson Missouri. Hours:  Mon-Sat 11AM-1AM Sun 11AM-12AM Phone: 417-334-7409

Rowdy Happy Hour is from 3PM-7PM Everyday and Features:

2.25 Domestic Drafts and 2.00 Domestic Bottles

Thirsty Thursday Features:

2.00 Miller Light and MGD Bottles

Fri and Sat are Live Music Nights

Tues and Wed are Karaoke Nights

The Dysfunctional 4 play Tues-Sat from 6-8

The Kitchen serves full menu until 11PM Mon-Sat and until10PM on Sun Appetizers are available until 12AM Mon-Sat


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  1. jeanine west says:

    I would love to see Good Literature play on stage at the beaver. They are a great band with orginal music as well as cover music. They have a great following and would be a great band to bring in patrons. Why not give them a chance to show what a great band they are. Just ask Scott Riley.

  2. Steve says:

    Smooth Down under will be at the Branson Motorcycle Rally May 20 from 5 to 6:30 & is looking for a local night gig to make it worth our while for the newest member that will be coming in from K.C. that day. Would love to play the Rowdy Beaver on May 20th from 9 to 1 on May 20th.

  3. David C says:

    Congratulations on a great site!!! I was just turned onto it tonight, and I am impressed with the content and the overall feel of it. I will now be a frequent guest on this site, and view it regularly. Also, I am in the band “Lindsay With Issues”, and we truly appreciate your support of local music and particularly our band. Thank you again, and GREAT job on the site…..Keep it up!!!! Branson on the rocks most definately ROCKS !!!! BTW….Come see us live at the ROWDY BEAVER this weekend…We will be performing Fri. and Sat. SEE YOU THERE!!!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for the kind words David. I really appreciate it. I hope everyone finds the site useful. The only road block I am having is getting certain bars to correspond with me on what their monthly band line-ups are. It’s irritating when you are offering them free advertising lol. Anyway, your band is amazing. Got to hear you a couple weeks ago at Beverly’s and I was impressed. Thanks again, Jim

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