Why do I love Branson? MMA Fights, Awesome Live Music, Endless Talent…

There are definitely a ton of things that make Branson MO an awesome place. Here are just a handful of reasons. Branson has amazing musical talent around every corner, great MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ), Great local DJ’s, and amazing Local Bands playing live just about every night of the week. You can’t even find a Karaoke night in Branson to laugh at. Chances are there are some awesome locals singers moonlighting the Karaoke bar. That being said, the next few weeks are filled with all of that plus TWO Amazing live MMA fights! Get out and support your local heroes.

First up is “Rumble in the Cage” at the Radisson Hotel on Saturday April 23rd. This event will feature 10 plus fights, including a couple Title Fights. Tickets are 25.00 and 25% of the Proceed go to benefit “A Day for Shay and Pals”. Order your tickets here.

Second MMA show is “Mayhem at the Mansion” ShoFight 8 on Friday May 13th at the Mansion Theater in Branson Mo. There are fighters representing more than 7 regional Martial Arts School. These fights will be guaranteed to please even the most scrutinizing MMA fan. There will be more than 10 fights including Title Fights. Tickets prices start at just 10.00! Order your tickets here.

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